Mental agility : your path to high performance

I see mental agility as one of the most critical components of leader intellect. It is a pillar from which your decision-making stands on alongside sound judgment, innovation, interpersonal tact and of course expertise. Leaders must maintain situational awareness of all levels of the problem be it tactical, operational, or strategic. More importantly, knowing how to analyze, prioritize, and deliver sound conclusions come only via sharp mind.

What is agility 

In most commonly defined as the ability to move nimbly with speed and ease,

You can be agile in different capacities. Not everyone is going to have the same skill set in each dimension; we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Korn/Ferry Lominger divides learning agility into five parts one of them is mental agility:

Mental Agilitymental agility

 thus refers to mental quickness and sharpness. Individuals who are mentally agile often display the following attributes:

        • They are comfortable with the uncomfortable.
        • Find ease in complexity.
        • Quickly, yet carefully, examine problems.
        • In all thinking, they exist at the intersection of disciplines via The Medici Effect.
        • Explains complex issues in a simple way so others can understand.

Mental agility is a flexibility of mind, an ability to anticipate or adapt to uncertain or changing situations. Agility enables thinking through second- and third-order effects when current decisions or actions are not producing the desired results. Mental agility provides organizations with operational adaptability to develop situational understanding to seize, retain, and exploit the initiative………..  – US Army


4 Keys to high performance mental agility:

1- Focus on inquisitive thinking and critical reasoning. Be eager to understand a broad range of topics while keeping an open mind of multiple possibilities before reaching a solution.

2- Critical thinking remains at the forefront of solving problems. Aim to find facts and think through issues with external input. This will enable you to understand changing situations, arrive at justifiable conclusions, exercise good judgement and learn from your experiences.

3- Your can found it through the ability to quickly isolate problems and generate a multitude of intersectional solutions from various points of view. This approach generates initiative and will allow you to better adapt to changing situations.

4- Finally, instill agility and encourage initiative in those around you. Do this by creating a climate which encourages participation and trust. One of my core beliefs is that a leader must know how to fail but more importantly, know how to let their people fail without necessarily becoming failures. In this you will help others grow and develop a desire to take the initiative and solve problems.


Becoming limitless involves mental agility; the ability to quickly grasp and incorporate new ideas and concepts with confidence. …… Lorii Myers


My strongest skill-sets are pillared on mental toughness and resiliency. I aim to maintain a high level of mental agility in order to be a reliable cross-functional resource for my team. Through this, I focus on bridging the gap between strategic, operational, and tactical levels of leadership in order to develop a strong, resilient, and reliable team.


mental agility
mental agility

My Leadership Philosophy

a) Leaders who reach the end of their rope have no choice but to make more rope.

b) Leaders must have a vision: Where are we going, who’s coming along, what are we doing, and for what purpose?

c) Leaders must know how to fail. More importantly, leaders must allow their people to fail without necessarily becoming a failure.

d) Leaders will never know as much as their people on the ground; empower them to make decisions.

Remember :

Your mind is a powerful tool and your mental ability is your greatest asset, so try to train and develop your mental capabilities constantly.

Jason Sharp

EMBA Candidate | Program Manager | Influencer | Generating Growth Through Mental Toughness & Resilience

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